Kamala Harris, Face of California, Not of the United States Yet

US Senator Kamala Harris won't go from representing California on Capitol Hill to being the president of all Americans in the White House. At least not for the next presidential term, since the 55 year-old accomplished prosecutor decided to quit the race. She made her decision after a Thanksgiving family brainstorming, considering insufficient funds for... Continue Reading →

Easton Ellis, ‘American Psycho’ Visionary, Has Trouble with Our Time

Bret Easton Ellis is 55 years old now, a random number to describe an ocean of ageless emotional and intellectual unrest wrapped up in a youthful style. The author of 'Glamorama' still wears hoodies, lives in the gayest area of Los Angeles and dates a millennial who plays video games...

Last Call Before a Useless Wine War

It really takes a twisted taste for hostility to use wine as a weapon of economic vendetta. I could see it used by Cosa Nostra, as a way to show you don't mess with Sicilian clans. After all, the liquid that is used to clink glasses and offer toasts has the color of blood...

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