Meanwhile, Citizen Kanye is a Billionaire and He Wants You to Know

Exactly like a certain Donald T. did a while back, Kanye West has contacted Forbes, the magazine who tracks the rich and ranks them (a strange project, when you think about it), to tell them they undervalued him. Poor Kanye!

“It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count”, CNN reports that he texted, in an intense Christian impetus (Kanye also considered calling himself “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West”, they say). In the middle of a collective health and economic crisis that plunged millions out of work, Jesus-Kanye has the elegance to remind the world what matters: his wealth. I don’t have his 310, but maybe someone should text him about Jesus Christ’s anger move to “purify” the Temple in Jerusalem, “since no one at West’s knows how to care”.

I remember once, I was at Forbes, interviewing the team that does this ranking, and they told me that sort of behavior happens, some people really want the public to know that they beat others with money. Especially Donald T., they said. Others, they added, actually would rather be undervalued by them for fiscal reasons or to avoid attracting useless attention from all kinds of investigators.

In Kanye’s case, it is not personal. Today’s American capitalism – and therefore the rest of the western culture – has fallen into the flames of money for nothing, fame without a cause, power without a soul, body subjected to pornographic violence and market logic, brain intrusion and consented impairment, nature rape, women’s fertility commercialized to make children like we make industrial tomatoes and GMOs (Kanye is a fierce supporter of both pornography and surrogate uber-mothers), while letting thousands of people, even millions, perish next to your palace door. In this palace-bubble, you can be texting Forbes, during a pandemic, and not see any wrong in contemptuously claiming : I’m a billionaire, you undervalued me.

Me, me, me, me, ME !!!

I’ve seen them, in their valley, languishing in their impossible mansions. I know they’re miserable in their palace. I’ve seen them walking alone with flashy bags of luxury products, from one Beverly Hills store to a black car that they don’t drive. They end up living on another planet, except it’s Earth, still. At least, if they could go on Mars, as their neighbor Elon is promising them… Good God, Elon, what the fuck are you doing? Did you get lost too, in your villa, with your pop-star girlfriend and giant piles of cash and drugs ? Did you give up on Kanye and the rest of them ? Don’t ! At that point it’s too late, their feet have already lost touch with the ground. They no longer belong to humanity. Up in zero gravity, the only thing they’ll contemplate, from above and for the rest of their life, is their dollars, counted one by one, day after day. Because “time is money”, Benjamin Franklin told them.

Kanye is today’s version of fictional “Uncle scrooge”, another Donald’s uncle, the “richest duck in the world”. That’s just the face, and fate, of a typical successful self-made-man in America’s capitalism. Living in isolation in a huge mansion, whether it is Bear Mountain, or Hearst Castle, or Hidden Hills, somewhere in the American West (which is Kanye’s name and relocation place, by the way).

So, this behavior is timeless. Is it the price to pay for freedom ? I don’t know. We should ask the “native Americans”. Were they not free, before they were dispossessed ? What seems clear is that some cultures worship money more than others. The McDucks and citizens Kanye’s culture, being one of them.

Nowadays there is an entire computerized system that comes from that Saint-Gold arena and that pushes people into their Narcisse flaws, making them focus on their image into the screen, the likes they get, the followers, the fame, the social status ; the crave for attention is rewarded, instead of something bigger than the ego, something wise. It’s weird to write it on such a platform, but the “look at superman-me” state of consciousness is low, immature and inadequate, at a time when all peoples and all cultures’ talents and contributions to the Earth need to be recognized.

Then, grows the extreme opposite of that “me, God” attitude, that consists of submitting oneself under the Almighty, whatever its name. Depending on who you are and the society you aspire to, it may not be better – although understandable and filling the injustice feeling and the spiritual void of a money and flesh worship. And then, in the middle, in my courtyard, in a lot of places, there is a balanced middle ground that is trying to thrive along with the plants coming up during this new beginning of the Spring. A common ground where we nourish our spiritual simple selves as least as much as our material matter. Personally, I believe we will be rewarded, not with likes and pushed notifications, but by the spectacular results the soul-body duo can accomplish. A belief is a hope, a truth in one’s mind that can become reality, in some parts of the world. Probably not in Hidden Hills, right now. But around it, I’m sure.

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