Minority Report : Women’s March is Huge, but Trump Supporters Resist

A helicopter carrying a “Congratulations President Trump!” banner was circling the sunny sky of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, as an attempt to counter the hundreds of thousands of people who were protesting in the name of women’s rights. One could assume that the gesture was signed by a rich lonely guy trying to make a point.

“They’re obviously outnumbered”, a protester told me, pointing at the helicopter. Obviously is the word. More than 700.000 persons were filling the streets from City Hall to Pershing Square, according to the organizers, a number that the Los Angeles Police Department put “well past” 100.000, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In any case, at 9 a.m., an hour before the departure of the march, the demand for cabs was so high in the city of angels that a Uber pool (where you’re supposed to share the cost) showed the unbelievable price of $70,64 to travel an 8-mile distance from West Hollywood to Downtown. A few hours later, it was back to $3.

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The flying banner isn’t the first action I witnessed from a Trump supporter trying to remind who won the recent election, in a quite provocative way.

Two nights before, in a Hollywood club, a young man, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, was giving money away to people who would answer “Trump” to his simple question: “Hillary or Trump?” In Hollywood, it’s well known that the crowd tends to be liberal, so the guy with the cash was obviously not going to empty his wallet, but still, he was on a mission.

He gave a $50 bill to a male friend, then 20 dollars more to another male friend. Nothing to me or my female friend, but he didn’t really care about our opinion. He didn’t ask. So I went on to ask him : “Why are you giving money to people who are just making fun of you?” He was surprised, and replied: “They’re not for Trump? Oh well, I make so much money I don’t care if they lied or not”.

Overall, the helicopter guy and the money guy were arguing with “superior means”, means not everyone can afford. They were trying to assert their power as much as they were showing how insecure they were of still belonging to the minority. Trump didn’t win the popular vote by far, and in liberal regions like urban California, he still doesn’t seem 100% legitimate as the new president of the United States.

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