Kim Gordon and Zack de la Rocha Going Solo, So Loud

Here are two pieces of music news that can’t be randomly simultaneous.

Recently, Sonic Youth’s singer and bassist Kim Gordon has apparently been spending some time in Southern California, where she grew up, and it gave her some inspiration. The strange black cars with mat paint that she noticed around L.A. led her to release her first song in her own name, after more than 30 years in the business. She didn’t do it entirely alone though, since Stella Mozgawa, from Warpaint, played the drums on it. Two girls in one band…

Last year, the member of the prolific revered band from the 90’s, responsible for a bunch of impressive experimental yet melodic albums such as Daydream Nation, Goo and Washing Machine, published a memoir entitled “Girl in a band”. They weren’t too many then, indeed, and still aren’t. That might be an occasion to say: “Just pick an instrument and f- rock it, girl”.



Another L.A. figure from the 90’s who didn’t abide by the norms is Zach de la Rocha, singer of you know what. Rage Against the Machine. When he’s not chilling out around his house in Eagle Rock, or touring with various artists, he may be digging for windows. And surely, he’s still getting a little angry. Here is an excerpt of the lyrics from the new solo song he released last month :

“Fuck that bright shit
The spot or the flashlights
We in L.A. ducking both
In the shadows with lead pipes
The days are all night”

Despite the distance between the two artists, there is something of the same vein here, coming from this dark L.A. side that you already encountered in literature and cinema. Well, now is a good time to dive into the dark side of the sun, again.

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